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> Database & Data Modeling Projects

  • Automated data modeling for user-designed reports & data mining



Professional Database Development & Data Modeling Projects:

  • Automated data modeling for user-designed reports and data mining

Customer Rep

Design of an automated data modeling & reporting system to:

  • Accept user requests for any report format, any field combination, any databases
  • Automated modeling of data structures and joins to fulfill the user requested output
  • Reports viewable by web, or downloaded to desktop in Excel/Access for further analysis
  • User accounts can store report definitions for later re-use.
  • Allowed authorized users to edit/clean data on server & annotate notes
  • Allowed entering custom SQL queries and saving for advanced reports
  • Mouse-Click Filtering / sorting / drill-down features
  • Search & data joins greater than 20 gigabytes with web response under 10 seconds
  • Utilized several optimization techniques - indexing, compression, dynamic views...