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> Database & Data Modeling Projects

  • Metadata Driven Financial Data Warehouse System



Professional Database Development & Data Modeling Projects:

  • Metadata Driven Financial Data Warehouse System

  • Designed and programmed a metadata driven, financial data warehouse system
  • All traditional ETL programs were completely replaced by metadata and one ETL program
  • ETL (extract, transform and load) all run from a single, easy to maintain metadata ETL program
  • Features a Web interface written in PHP for control and job status reporting
  • Extensible, scalable design, automated data validation and exception reports
  • Allows data transport across different hardware systems via SAS Proc Upload/Download.
  • Using SAS Base, SAS Macro, benchmark statistics & data analysis/validation on multiple vendor plaforms
  • Programming of final framework implementation
  • Design and writing of test plans, quality control, and production documentation