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Professional Database Development & Data Modeling Projects:

Pharmaceutical Reporting Application using SAS & VBA

Customer Rep

I had enhanced a pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing reporting application by:

  • Solving the problem of optimizing Visual Basic reporting code to dynamically color (Traffic Light) thousands of rows of data within Visual Basic quickly within reports without slowing down the application.
  • Adding a module to enter sales goals without changing the existing data structures or prior code.
  • Adding VB code module to turn client data into dynamically generated forms for the user to fill in, stored as data and sent back to the central SAS server via email when the client re-connected to the corporate intranet
  • Adding geographic maps to the application to represent marketing data and road navigation. The server side produced roughly 800 District/Region/Territory maps per hour and uploaded the correct maps to the client application customized for each customer sales force rep.
  • SAS programming to convert IMS data into doctor level reporting data for the server & client sides.
  • Adding a unix script program to manage file permissions on the Unix Server
  • Adding iFrame Web technology to run Visual Basic client applications on a Plum-Tree vendor Web portal
  • Designed algorithms to detect incorrect data points from Census zip code map data and to automatically correct errors by estimating between points lying within a statistically acceptable range
  • Isolated the root cause of sporadic internal SAS crashes using SAS Proc gRemove, and developed a successful work-around.
  • Analyzed several 3rd party mapping applications and successfully chose and implemented a low cost, high quality mapping system/mapping data/GIS programming language to create professional quality maps to integrate into the client product.